$14,000 $7,000

This Season we’re offering a “Full-Throttle” Season Pass that includes all of Grip Events & Track Experiences in the 2023 season. Get the logistics out of the way now and sign up for any of our 2023 Events on the calendar.

  • Must be purchased prior to our first event
  • Must register for events prior to registration close dates for any events
  • VIP Card with Photo/Member ID & Grip Goodies will be mailed directly to you
  • Includes 2023 Membership and All Standard Membership Perks
  • Includes attendance to all Grip’s Track Events
  • Hotel accommodations for overnight events
  • Attendance for one additional guest for all track events
  • Attendance to all non-track and invite only events



  • Members now have Access to many FREE Events
  • Major Discounts on Track Days
  • Discounted products & services by vendors & sponsors
  • Early access & announcement prior to publishing to public
  • Access to Invite-Only and Members-Only events.
  • Member ID & Goodies will be mailed to you.

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