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Welcome to Grip Inc., your gateway to the world of supercar luxury and high-performance experiences. At Grip Inc., we specialize in curating unforgettable events that revolve around the mesmerizing world of supercars and their passionate owners.

Our 2024 season is poised to deliver an exhilarating lineup of exclusive offerings, including luxury high-performance track days that let you push your supercar to its limits, supercar festivals that unite enthusiasts from around the globe, thrilling rallies that traverse picturesque landscapes, and private invite-only soirées, from elegant dinners to festive holiday parties.

We’re not just event planners; we’re automotive aficionados, dedicated to creating extraordinary moments for supercar connoisseurs. Join us for a year filled with the extraordinary as we kick off our 2024 season, and be prepared to be enthralled by the magic of Grip Inc.

NEW IN 2023


  • Members now have Access to many FREE Events
  • Major Discounts on Track Days
  • Discounted products & services by vendors & sponsors
  • Early access & announcement prior to publishing to public
  • Access to Invite-Only and Members-Only events.
  • Member ID & Goodies will be mailed to you.

Spectators welcome

  • FREE To Grip Members with a Member ID
  • Check your desired Events offers Spectator Tickets
  • Hang out with the Grip crew & participants.
  • Watch your favorite supercars on the track.
  • Take pictures of these amazing machines.
  • Full access to paddock area, Food, & Snacks
  • Chat with the drivers, in the VIP Pitt Area.
  • Ride along tickets will be available for purchase.

Grip Rallies

  • FREE to Grip Members with member ID
  • Coffee, Donuts, Stickers, Decals, & Lunch Included
  • Photography & Videography Included
  • Some of the best roads in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Spirited, and exhilarating driving adventures
  • Drive with like-minded motoring enthusiasts
  • An amazing opportunity to open-up your machines.

Spectators Now Welcome

We are excited to announce that some of our events for 2023 are now open to spectators, friends, and families.

Be a part of the Grip spectator experience and hang out with the Grip Crew

  • Enjoy the thrill of watching your favorite supercars race down the track at speeds more than 150 mph.
  • Get up close and take pictures of these amazing machines.
  • Full access to the pit and paddock areas
  • Enter into a drawing to receive a ride along on the racetrack at exhilarating full throttle speeds
  • Chat with the drivers while you’re enjoying snacks and beverages in the VIP/drivers hospitality area.
  • Ride along tickets will also be available for purchase at trackside.

“Full Throttle” Season Pass

Attend all of Grip Events & Track Experiences in the 2023 season. Get the logistics out of the way now and sign up for any of our 2023 Events on the calendar.

  • Must be purchased prior to our first event.
  • Must register for events prior to registration close dates for any events
  • VIP Card with Photo/Member ID & Grip Goodies will be mailed directly to you

  • Includes

  • All standard membership perks including hotel accommodations for overnight events
  • Attendance to all Grip’s track events, non-track and invite only events
  • One additional guest for all track events

Limited quantities. Offer expires March 15th, 2023


Become a part of the Grip Family and get your membership for our 2023 season. Membership includes discounted events, as well as perks and discounts from our vendors.

  • Membership Card with Photo/Member ID & Grip Goodies will be mailed directly to you
  • $100 OFF all 2023 Track Experiences
  • Free Attendance for one additional guest for all track events
  • Discounted products & services exclusive to members by our vendors & sponsors
  • Early access to events & announcement prior to publishing to public
  • Access to Invite-Only and Members-Only events


Become a Grip Sponsor and get the most exposure in front of the right crowd.

  • Extend your company’s market reach to our loyal audience
  • We meet with you to understand your business to represent you better
  • Increase your overall public presence within our client-base
  • Get leads to significant industry-related exposure for your company
  • Marketing materials & presence on our sites, groups, and merchandise
  • We embrace your brand and you become a long-time partner
  • Free perks and event tickets
  • More perks on our sponsorship page


Join the Grip Rally Team for a spirited, and exhilarating driving adventure.

  • Experience some of the best “drivers” roads in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Get a chance to explore beautiful back roads and enjoy scenic stops along the rural countryside w
  • Have the opportunity to open-up your machines
  • Meet with like-minded motoring enthusiasts

Invite-Only Events

Members will get an invitation for invite-only, private events.

Members will get an invitation for invite-only, private events.

Exotic Dealers Packages

Gift our track experiences to your new buyer upon purchases of new vehicles.

  • Create your own event for your existing clients.
  • Create custom packages based on your needs.
  • Get all of this at at an aggressively discounted price put together specifically for your firm.

Charity Awareness Events

Bring major awareness to your great cause by having “Grip on your team.”

  • Custom charity events to fund raise or raise awareness.
  • All the planning will be handled by our team.

Corporate Team Events

Bring your team together for fun days with Grip Team.

  • Build your own team day/outing around some of the coolest cars, tracks, and venues.
  • Send your team to an outdoor adventure on the road or the track in our “coming soon” exotic fleet.


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